Save on Commissions with the App2Food Restaurant Delivery System

Restaurant Delivery System on Your Terms.

App2Food offers delivery system for restaurants at terms that make sense for the restaurant. There are no crazy commissions and through our partnerships turning on your online restaurant delivery system or extending your delivery radius is available at the click of a button.

Customizable Food Delivery Options.

Your customized online ordering portal stays the same, the app2food delivery system for restaurants simply adds the option for delivery. Our innovative online restaurant delivery platform is designed to help you expand your reach and offer your customers a seamless food delivery experience. Your customers can order directly from your website ordering portal, and can easily manage and track their food delivery in real-time. Our restaurant delivery management system also offers a range of delivery options, so you can choose the delivery method that works best for your restaurant and your customers.

Flexible Food Delivery Management.

You can decide the days and times you need to use your own drivers or when you need to tap into the app2food driver network for food delivery. Food delivery management system controlled by you and based on your needs. You can also set up custom branding, specialized delivery options, or advanced analytics, our restaurant food delivery platform can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

App2Food restaurant delivery system provides a seamless integration to the App2Food restaurant food ordering platform. It allows for restaurants to increase orders by offering food delivery to their customers without the headache of hiring drivers. App2Food restaurant delivery system software is flexible to also work with restaurants that have their own delivery drivers to extend the restaurants reach by expanding their current delivery zone. Restaurants can take advantage of this unique delivery management system without high commissions to the restaurants.

App2food Restaurant Delivery system helps restaurants offer their own delivery without hiring their own drivers at very low commission to the restaurant.

App2Food restaurant delivery system partners with leading nationwide delivery partner, DoorDash. App2Food restaurant delivery management software is integrated with Doordash so it can take advantage of their large network of delivery drivers. All restaurant’s customers will place their Online Orders in the restaurant’s fully customised food ordering platform. Once the order is placed on App2Food Ordering platform we will notify DoorDash without redirecting your customers to a third party food delivery website. This allows the restaurant to retain their customer data and App2Food can help leverage this data and send out promotional text and email blasts.

Restaurant delivery has always been important but post pandemic it has become essential for restaurants success as many customers are looking for convenience and ease of ordering delivery from restaurants online. Many customers have grown accustomed to restaurant delivery services and prefer to have their food delivered at the comfort of their homes and offices.

Delivery system is essential for restaurants today and offering delivery can be an immediate way to increase revenue for the restaurant. Providing delivery can have a few hurdles; Delivery can be expensive and labor intensive and using 3rd party services typically come with high commissions to the restaurant.
App2Food Delivery restaurant delivery system strives to eliminate the hurdles of workforce and commissions by tapping into nationwide delivery driver networks without the high commissions of 3rd companies.

Implementing a food delivery system is a great way to increase revenue and expand your restaurant's reach. The ease of getting food delivered is what today’s customer seeks and now you can offer delivery without the worry of hiring extra staff or worrying about high commissions from 3rd party companies. App2Food Delivery , taps into a large network of driver and allows you to deliver food and orders to your restaurant customers without worrying about the additional costs.

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