Restaurant Customer Loyalty Software

79% of Americans say they are more likely to join a rewards program that doesn't require them to carry a physical card.

Encourage repeat orders by rewarding your loyal customers with restaurant loyalty programs.

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A Unique Restaurant Loyalty Program That Is Fully Integrated To Your Online Ordering And Mobile App At No Cost To The Restaurant.

No Limits To The Number Of Customers Subscribed To Restaurant Loyalty App.

84% of restaurant loyalty program members have made a redemption from the program.

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Automated Restaurant Loyalty App That Notifies Customers When They Are Close To A Reward.

Increase Customer Satisfaction By Providing Specialized Incentives On Their Birthdays.

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Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loyalty programs for restaurants are a great way to incentivize customers to keep them coming back to the restaurant. Loyalty programs for restaurants specially do well when the customer can track their loyalty points and have access to redeem them online. The App2Food restaurant loyalty program software is automated and allows customers to earn their incentives without too much manual work from the restaurant. This avoids adding additional operational costs and headaches while giving the customer all the benefits of a restaurant loyalty program.

Loyalty program softwares are typically very expensive for restaurants and can cost upwards of $100 just for a loyalty program. The App2Food restaurant loyalty program software is completely free of cost to the restaurant and is built into the App2Food Restaurant online ordering system. This makes it easy for the restaurant to enable the restaurant loyalty program software and begin increasing sales by incentivising their customers.

Loyalty program softwares for restaurants work by giving incentive to the customer to continue to order directly from the restaurant. The App2Food restaurant loyalty software allows the restaurant to set up rewards that make sense to the restaurant, based on their average ticket size, profit margins and inventory. The process of redeeming rewards through the restaurant loyalty software is also automated so the restaurant sets up the parameters and then lets their customers track and redeem their points on their own. App2Food Loyalty program also comes at no cost to the restaurant.

Sometimes customers need a little incentive to order from their local restaurants. The third party companies that charge restaurants high commissions for restaurant loyalty programs often provide perks to the customers to continue to order from those platforms. The addition of a loyalty program software for the restaurant helps the restaurant provide similar incentives and create stickiness on a platform that the restaurant owns and controls for free.

Loyalty is beneficial for the restaurant because it gives the customers incentive to keep ordering from the restaurant directly and avoid going to third party companies like GrubHub and UberEats. App2Food Loyalty is designed to encourage customers to keep ordering by keeping them engaged with earning incentives and at the same time keeping the operational costs low to the restaurant.

The App2Food loyalty software for restaurants comes at no cost to the restaurant so there is nothing to lose by implementing the loyalty software. Customers love the sentiment of being rewarded for their loyalty and because the program is seamless there are no operational challenges for the restaurant. App2Food loyalty software is also unique because it allows for restaurants to set rewards that make sense for the restaurant’s bottom line.

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