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67% of consumers prefer to order from the restaurant's own mobile ordering app or website.

- Statista, 2021

Take your restaurant to another level by setting yourself apart from the competition with App2Food restaurant mobile app solution.

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Increase Business Instantly By Sending Pushing Notifications Directly To Your Customers with our restaurant mobile app.

Not just a web app but a mobile app named after your restaurant Available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Integrate App2food Loyalty Program For Free To Your Restaurant Mobile App.

60% Of Restaurant Mobile App Users Agree To Receive Push Notifications On Their Smartphones.


Frequently Asked Questions

A restaurant Mobile App with the App2Food restaurant ordering software, means that the ordering app will be a native and branded mobile app for your restaurant. The app is built with your brand in mind and has your menu available for ordering. This allows you to have your own branded app available for your customers to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

Typically building a mobile app for a restaurant is an expensive task. App2Food brings the most expensive technology to the restaurant free of cost. You can market to the customer with push notifications and have real estate on the customers’ phone.
The process for uploading the app for Google play is completely free and for the apple app store there is a one time fee to create a developer account, this fee is paid directly to apple.

Restaurant Mobile Apps usually come with a very heavy price tag but with App2Food, a branded restaurant mobile app is within reach. A Restaurant mobile app gives the customer an opportunity to download a piece of their favorite restaurant on the phone. A restaurant mobile app powered by the App2Food restaurant software allows the restaurant to be able to own a piece of real estate on their customers phone. The App2Food restaurant ordering software allows communication between the restaurant and customer through push notifications. All in all the restaurant mobile app builds loyalty with the restaurant’s customers while also providing unique marketing opportunities for the restaurant.

A mobile app for restaurants will increase the business of the restaurant because with the App2Food restaurant mobile app software the restaurant can send push notifications to customers. The goal of these restaurant app push notifications is to encourage customers to place an order with the restaurant or to come in to dine with the restaurant.

The reason to implement a mobile app for restaurants is to encourage customers to continue to order from the restaurant. The ability to have a branded restaurant mobile app icon right on a customer’s phone is a unique feature that allows the restaurant to gain a unique marketing advantage. The restaurant mobile app will help customers order more frequently and grow revenue for the restaurant.

Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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Product Designer

Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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